All Skin Types

    • Anti-Acne\Oily Face Package. ( 6 Products ).

      USD USD 206.65

      Having Acne and oily skin?

      our 6 products will give you an amazing results:

      • La’po: Tea Tree Face Cleanser. 100g
      • La’po: Tea Tree Face Mask. 100g
      • La’po: Tea Tree Anti-Acne Face Cream. 50g
      • La’po: Tea Tree Oil. 10Ml.
      • La’Po: Green Tea Matcha Facial toner ( Spray ). 200ML.
      • Fallon: Green Tea Stick Mask 40g
    • Anti-Aging and Glow face Package. ( 6 products ).

      USD USD 212.37

      an amazing face package that will make your face Glow and give you Anti-aging effect:

      • La’Po: Vitamin C Facial Cleanser & Scrub 100ML
      • La’Po: 24K Facial Toner. 150ML
      • Fallon: Turmeric Stick Mask 40g
      • La’Po: Vitamin C Facial toner ( Spray ). 200ML.
      • White+ : Whitening Face Cream. 50ML
      • White+ : Whitening Sunscreen SPF50+. 50ML


    • Body Whitening Power ( 3 Products ).

      USD USD 89.85

      3 Products will give you an amazing Body Whitening and clear dark spots:

      • White+ : Whitening Body Scrub. 200g.
      • White+ : Body & Sensitive Whitening Cream. 200g.
      • White+ : Whitening Body Soap. 120g.
    • Eye Dark Circles Package. ( 2 Products ).

      USD USD 81.68


      • reducing dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles around the eye areas.
      • make the eye area more glow and moisturize
      • Tighten the Eye Area.
    • Face Cooling Mask.

      USD USD 23.96

      Product quantity / anything that needs highlighted

    • Face Whitening Package. ( 5 Products ).

      USD USD 212.37

      Enjoy our 5 Whitening products that’ll give you instant Brightening And treat dark spots:

      • White+ : Whitening Face Wash. 100ML
      • White+ : Whitening Face Cream. 50ML
      • White+ : Eye Gel. 50ML
      • La’Po: 24K Facial Toner. 150ML
      • White+ : Whitening Sunscreen SPF50+. 50ML
    • FALLON: Lip Scrub. 4g.

      USD USD 10.89

      Our Amazing Smoothing sugar Lip scrub have Fine sugar crystals that offer gentle lip exfoliation,

      and to make your Lips smoothed, moisturised and less prone to chapping.
      Ideal for use on-the-go.


    • Hair Power Package. ( 6 Products ).

      USD USD 349.32

      Having a damaged hair is not an issue anymore,

      Our Hair Power Package will treat your hair and Give you an amazing benefits and results:

      • Hair+ Professional: Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo & Hair Grows Fast 500ML
      • Hair+ Professional: Moroccan Argan Oil Instant Repaired Mask. 250ML
      • Hair+ Professional: Protein, Collagen & Argan oil Instant Repaired Mask. 500ML
      • La’Po : Nourishing Hair Oil 150ml.
      • Hair+ Professional: Argan Oil Leave in Treatment Spray. 80ML
      • Hair+ Professional: Argan Oil. 100ML


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